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shannon's Journal

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7th April 2004

7:39pm: i dont' feel good
I SHOULD'VE NEVER HUNG OUT WITH REESE THE OTHER NIGHT!!! YOU KNOW WHY!!! SHE WAS SICK AND SHE GOT ME SICK!! i feel so awful. i had to send sean home early cuz i felt like i was going to puke all over him. what a waste of a day. i slept a really long time and wasted the day away. it was really nice out too. :( :(

why do people get sick?
Current Mood: sick

31st March 2004

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Current Mood: cold
10:51pm: *cough*
i'm so hungry. i could really go for some chicken noodle soup about now. i think i'm coming down with something
Current Mood: cold

29th March 2004

12:57am: why oh why
i'm so stupid. i've been so upset with the way sean has been acting lately so i decided to stoop to his level and get drunk myself. we got into a huge fight on the phone so i just told him to fuckhimself and i went out.

i went over to my friend cks house and i tried to drink the pain away. i ended up drinking too much.

my friend tole me later on that i took my shirt off and was hitting on every guy there. then i passed out on the floor puking.

i didn't know what to tell him. how am i suppose to tell him i took off my shirt and ran around drunk for at least a half hour. i feel like a huge hipocrite. i always yell at him telling him not to go drink. and then i got upset and i did what i tell him not to do. omg i'm so stupid
Current Mood: stupid

25th March 2004

11:49pm: livejournal!!
owie. my tummy is upset. i think i ate too much steak. i seem to have weekness for good meat though. hehehe.

i saw sean the other day. he has his computer back online. i've been trying to make him make a livejournal account but noooooo he thinks "they're gay and i would have to kill myself if i ever made one those." he's beening a little harsh. livejournals arent bad at all. i just got bored with mine so i stopped updating mine for like a year lol. but since i've gotten back into it i've been updating constantly. i'll keep bothering him though hehehe. ow ow my stomach. i need to lay down
Current Mood: sick
12:46am: *blush*
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Current Mood: bouncy

24th March 2004

12:57am: i miss you
it was so nice out today. a bit windy but nice. i went over to seans today but he was still at work so i waited at his house for him to get home. it got later and later. :( where is he i thought. i was about to go to sleep on the couch and then i remembered that he puked on it the other day. so i got that smell in my clothes. so that wasn't good. i started to get upset. so i layed down in his bed with tears about to run down my face.

i heard the door slam after that. i ran out to give him a hug since i've been thinking about him all day. it wasn't him though :(. it was only bob(his roomate). so sean never came home. i've been worried about him all night. i have my phone next to my bed

sean please come home
Current Mood: worried

22nd March 2004

11:14pm: scared
sean is.... he's.... i don't know...he's just acting very weird. sometimes i wonder if he still has feelings for me anymore. i ask him about it sometimes and he just says he's distant becuase he is afraid of losing me. i always feel better after we talk but i dunno. i hate not feeling sure of whats going on.

he's been getting drunk alot too. i thought people only get drunk alot when they are not happy. what can he not be happy about! i treat him the best that i possibly can. no guys look good compared to him. i know he isn't the best thing in the world to other people but he is to me.

there are alot of girls that are attracted to him. i don't even know why they are. i love him and i accept him. but c'mon. who would love someone that comes home drunk and passes out on the couch throwing up all over themselves. (not cleaning the couch after he does it either) someone who pissed the bed one night while i was sleeping in it. and has an attraction to poop. i mean really really likes it alot. i'm not saying theres anything wrong with that it's just that alot of girls wouldn't find that attractive in a guy.

i just hope nothing bad happens i love my sean
Current Mood: depressed

21st March 2004

7:19pm: this is for you sean
i just got home from seeing sean!!! yay!!!. he gave me this gigantic red bear. i asked him why he gave me a present out of nowhere. i thought that i forgot our aniversary or something. *squeel*. but you know why he gave me the present....

cuz he loves me!!!!

i have the bestest boyfriend in the world. no other boy can compare to him. in the past when i was with another guy i would look at other guys. but having sean has completely killed my animal instincts. how can a boy be this perfect. i love the way he tastes like beer. i love the way he holds me. i love the way he looks into my eyes. and most of all i love it when he tells me he loves me!!!
Current Mood: enthralled

20th March 2004

5:58pm: my sick baby
i just got done eating pasta. for some reason that was the best pasta i have ever ate!! sean was over not too long ago, but he got all kinds of sick. i gave him huggies to make him feel better. then he puked on my pink sweater. lol. good thing it wasn't on me. it was a sweater that was on the floor. ewwww. my baby is sexy no matter what her does. i know any other girl would get gross out by an act like this. not me nope nope nope. i'm going to give him a call shortly to see how he's doing.

today i went out to rite aid to pick up some lip stick. my favorite shade melted in my purse. it's called "purple lilac". oh well, lip stick doesn't stay on me for that long anyway "wink wink*. then it was off to kmart for me. i had to pic up my pictures that i put in. they turned out sexy!!

i forgot how much fun it is writing in livejournal. i luvs it!!
Current Mood: cheerful

19th March 2004

4:50pm: quizzie!!!
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Current Mood: anxious
4:45pm: bad bad weather
today has been a boring day. a whole bunch of snow just got dumped on us all. and i thought that i could be going swimming by this weekend. lol. well thats not going to happen. i'm cold ahhhhhh so cold
Current Mood: cold

19th June 2003

4:43am: Well today was like any other day...BORING.

nothing at all happened. Tomrrow im sopost to go over to a friends but i dont really wanna go. so i think im just gonna call them and tell um i cant. Tomrrow is Friday....thank god! Yesterday was pretty good i guess....Laura and i talked for like 5min last night online....she is going out with Kyle(nicholes ex) And then Laura had to get off and so yeah we didnt talk about much i dont really know if we are friends still or what? We have had so many fights in are friendship ....there are to many count...i dont get why we keep going back to being friends...but i guess we are just stupid and dumb...and we want to just fight with eachother we get sumting off of it idk but...im getting pretty sick of it all. But its nice to know that she dosent hate me right now. We have had some of the most dumbest fights in the frickin wrould...its stupid. I dont even see why we had them...one time i didnt talk to her for like 2 weeks . and then i didnt talk to her one time for like 4 mounths over the most stupid thing ....we are young and stupid. haha...but i knowest ...we never fot over guys...haha Laura gos for differnt guys then i do. but yeah....im gonna go now love and peace! :))
Current Mood: good

13th April 2003

11:34am: owie it hurts
Well today...I havent been felling good. I dont know why. I was gonna go to Jennifer's house but i told her i couldnt go bc i didnt fell good. Today i stayed home from school bc i was runing a fever and my tummy hert so bad i have noo clue why. Maybe sumting i eat. idk tho. But yeaH im gonna go now...ill maybe put more in tomrrow if i fell like it and i rember. luv & peace.
Current Mood: sick

10th April 2003

12:05pm: boring weekend
Well this week-end was pretty boring...yesterday my aunt and uncle came over and had lunch with us. And then went home. And then we went and runted a movie(dickie roberts child star) it was really funny. Then today i got up at like 10:00 or so...and then i took a shower and did all that other shit and then sat on my ass and did nothing. Sounds fun dosent it. haha..right whatever. any-ways...not much went on..that was all that grate. but yeah im gonna go. peace*out! =)
Current Mood: blank

2nd April 2003

1:59am: stupid guys and girls
I just got back from the beach. It was ok I guess. Alot of really horny guys asking me to show them my goodies..umm how bout not. It made me sick to my stomach seeing all these girls taking their clothes off for Mardi Gras beads. oh well. It's their life. Kelsey is still at the beach. My mom came and picked me up. I didn't say a word the whole way home. Jonathan called me at the beach. He told me to be careful and not to go to any partys. YA OK! fucking asshole telling me what to do like he's my dad or something. noooo. ya...let me tell you..I'm going to the beach to go to parties and get drunk and have sex...ya right. I think he just does that to make me want him back. Maybe to make me think he is a nice guy and he is looking out for me and he is responsible. 2 days until I get to see Brent. WOOHOO! I just really really hope that my mom dosen't say " well I rescheduled for 5asdf465445564 days from now." ya that would suck really bad. Lets see it's Saturday the 5th and my family is coming in for the funeral. ok. time for the black.
Current Mood: amused

1st April 2003

4:34pm: dentist=bad
i hate the dentist
dr.copley must die.
Current Mood: annoyed

30th March 2003

7:33am: first things first...school really blows. i dont think i have ever been this bummed out about having to dye my hair back to brown.......it SUCKS. i miss my hair. ok.i went to the store the other day and i usually get this organic milk but i was looking at the carton and i was thinking...what if its all a sales tactic. the organic zen thing is in nowadays and mabey they arent telling the truth about all of their products being wholesome and produced without antibiotics and growth hormones and toxic pesticides...maybey they really do pollute the air with those nasty chemicals. i dont know...mabey im just paraniod.
Current Mood: sleepy

29th March 2003

2:45am: moo says the cow
Dammit I was gonna write something in here for once but I for got what it was... Let me think and remember...

Ya know what sucks is when ya wanna go to sleep but ya don't wanna have to get up in the morning so you post-pone going to bed and stay up on the computer.

Anyway I was lookin at old photos I took back in 5th and 6th grade... Back in the days when we were happy and GAY... Damn I miss all my friends who moved away or whatever happened to them... Or the ones that I just don't talk to anymore cause they ended up being bitchy or I just simply don't see them anymore. But then a few people have told me my old friend Sean's coming back and even though I don't remember that well I DO remember we were friends so that's all fine and dandy.

I washed my hair today without drying it straight and it's all curly and fluffed out and crazy. Kinda like a poodle or them cocker spanial dogs. Hahahahaha. Damn.
Current Mood: blank

26th March 2003

2:34am: noooo
Don't click on the link that says "My Website" because it takes you to a porno site I think... I don't have a website! Ah! Damn Viruses on my computer!
Current Mood: aggravated

25th March 2003

1:56am: who stole the cookies from the cookie jar
What*s upp?? not much here just bein really really bored.....i woke up at 11:00am today..dang did i sleep in or what lol then i got my lazy ass up outta bed and called my friend Jennifer to see if she wanted to see a movie today but she said she cant bc shes leaveing tomrrow to go sumwere so i was like aww thats all good. And then i got online to see who was on...haha no one ...like everytime lol. then i wached part of the movie grind...wow i luv that movie...lol the Blonde dude is frickin hott as hell lol then i tOOk a shower and did my make-up and hair and all that and then we went to the store and got bread and sum other stuff and then went to taco-bell and got sum lunch..YUM i luv taco-bell haha. Then came home eat my food and yeah..now im doing this haha. Last-night i wote a really mean email to laura.....well not mean but u know just telling her i was pissed off...i dont think that was very smart of me to do that...but oh well idc anymore she makes me mad and i told her how i really fell about all this shit. she dosent give a fuck...as long as she gets her way...it seems. but yeah ....i dont think im gonna do anything today....or tomrrow but sunday im seeing my dad. A-nother friday-night at home for me ...lol i dont mind tho...its ok i kinda like staying home haha. Thats just me i guess tho. But yeah im gonna go now- peace& love-
Current Mood: blah

23rd March 2003

6:48am: this is so gay
wud'up? not much here...today has been pretty much just sucky...lol...Laura text-meassed me today on my cell phone and said..i dont think we should be friends anymore bc all me do is fight...yeah ok w.e. but yeah ...all i did was tell her mom that one of her frineds was texting me saying u wanna fuck me and she got mad...how gay is that. .....gay if u ask me..im sick of her lil games its getting fuckin old. i hate her sumtimes she dosent even know how to talk to ppl and it piss's me off. On sunday im gonna see my dad- wicth should be cool bc i havent seen him in for-ever! but yeah i still cant belive laura said that...after i let her go to the concert with me..what a user..omg i hate her right now....a nuff about that haha...n-e-ways...I'm starting to like this guy named bryan hes really hot. and sweet i luv him so much haha well ya know as a friend lol. well yeah im goNNa go now peace-out luv ya pplz.
Current Mood: pissed off

20th March 2003

9:23am: i can't hear you!!!!
Wud'up? not much just sittin here being really really really really bored hehe. Yesterday...i didnt really do anything that grate ...just kinda sat at home...fun fun..haha right. well see we are on MID-winter brake...so we are off school so theres not much going on right now for me haha. Today we went to frate-house skure...and we spent sumtime there and then we went to the mall and i got my ear's done 4 more times...so on each side...i have 3. dangggg ...did it hert alott haha...no not really tell u the truth...it really didnt i didnt really even fell much pain. but its all good. it looks wayy cute. I keep for-getting i need to get a hold of Jennifer to see if we are gonna go see a movie on friday. weeeeeeeeeeee
Current Mood: bored

18th March 2003

12:40pm: yay!!
yesterday i went to a baby-shower for laura's sister karrisa she is 17 ....yeah it was a opps kinda thing. but yeah i think she has chaged alot. Laura pissed me off yesterday...bc nichole or w.e her "friend" was there...and yeah....she dosent really like me for no reason at all i think its pretty gayy. but n-e-ways laura was being pretty rude to me i felt . but yeah i had a pretty good time i guess. and today i got really sick 2 my tummy...eww it was no funn at all for me. i didnt like it that much. and it kinda still herts but yeah im gonna go right now ...going night night. sweet dreams bye.
Current Mood: sleepy

17th March 2003

1:59am: linkin park linkin park!!
I just have to say wow ...lol...last nigth was so much fun....we(laura and i) went to see linkin park and p.o.d. and story of the year and hoobastank....dang was it fUN as fuck lol...well ya know. we got there at 12:00 walked around this thing for a bit then...went to the line and sat there tell 5:30...we talked to this really cool guy with him kids he was funny and really nice too. It started to rain a lil bit and it was wayy frickin cold too....but we got in and we went and bot linkinpark things....then found are set and had a kick ass time. This guy behind us ..pissed me off to no end tho...he spilt beer all over my thing. i was mad...but oh well it will come out. but yeah i had sOOO much fun we took alotta pics too. If they ever come back to seattle we are sooooooooo going to it lol!!! Well yeah i gotta go right now we are gonna be leaveing later to go help sit up for the baby shower. peace and love.
Current Mood: busy
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